The 12 week Public Consultation started August 6th 2012 (yes, right at the start of the main holiday month) and finished on October 29th.
Finally the ORS report of consultation responses was published on 8th January 2013, and the Health Board met to approve their final recommendations ONE WEEK later.
Not a lot of time for people to get their heads round the report, was it?
What we feared happened - the plan to close the SCBU at Withybush was approved by the Health Board. However, that was not the end of the matter. The CHC, reflecting the views of the public and local staff, were not happy and made two referrals objecting to the proposals. The direct result of this was that the new Health Minister, Mark Drakeford, set up an independent Scrutiny Panel to review the proposals.
On this page we describe events and our views during 2013, leading up to the appointment of the Scrutiny Panel. Twitter About Me
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On this page:

 Ι  Who wrote this letter?  Ι   Ι  The elephant in the room ...   Ι  

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  Ι   UNISON come out in support of CHC  Ι   Chasing targets can kill patients   Ι  
  Ι   Final ORS report criticized  Ι   Second Pembs County Council Resolution  Ι  
  Ι   Paediatric College President speaks  Ι   Concerns of retired Maternity Consultant  Ι  

and in earlier news:
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  Ι   3 new anaesthetists at Glangwili. Why?  Ι   Hips and Knees to stay  Ι  
  Ι   Withybush Consultants write again: "no confidence" in consultation  Ι   Doctor shortage in Neath  Ι  
  Ι   Ten statements that show the Health Board's intentions for Emergencies - or do they?   Ι  
  Ι   Outrage! Withybush response ignored by Health Board  Ι  

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