The 12 week Public Consultation started August 6th 2012 (yes, right at the start of the main holiday month) and finished on October 29th.
This is an account of events during the period of the consultation. Twitter About Me
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  Ι   Demonstration at the Senedd 24th October  Ι   Pembrokeshire County Council Debate 18th October  Ι   other Council responses  Ι  
  Ι   Public Meeting 20th September and associated press coverage  Ι   3 new anaesthetists at Glangwili. Why?  Ι  
  Ι   Hips and Knees to stay  Ι   Withybush Consultants write again: "no confidence" in consultation  Ι   SCBU protest starts  Ι  
  Ι   Doctor shortage in Neath  Ι   Ten statements that show the Health Board's intentions for Emergencies - or do they?  Ι  
  Ι   The Consultation Document - a confidence trick  Ι   Outrage! Withybush response ignored by Health Board  Ι  
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